After The Storm

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It’s been a few weeks now since my displacement from the city I once called home. Since then I’ve found myself going through the motions, — not thinking much on how I’m feeling.

Who has time for anything else when survival is the primary goal?

Does that mean that I…

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The first bout of grief many queer and trans people experience is the one where…

Our Youth is Stolen from Us

Often before we can even verbalize the feeling. It’s the depression along with feelings of otherness and isolation. It’s knowing that something about you is making life way harder than it needs to be. …

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It’s been difficult to start writing again. Every time I make an attempt, I’m met with brain fog and self-deprecating thoughts. I’m frustrated. This situation is frustrating. Hurricane Ida shredded Louisiana over two weeks ago and in her aftermath my life, and the life of many others has been upended.

Anti + Vaccination

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Disappointment is such a funny feeling. It sneaks up on you in the dead of the night, dealing a heavy blow to the skull. Other times it charges in from the front, like a bull loose in a china shop. It’s ruthless, uncaring, and cold. …

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After the Storm

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Why would anyone choose to live somewhere where hurricanes always hit?

If you live in an area that constantly gets hit by natural disasters, why stay there? If your house gets blown to pieces every other year, do you think the investment is worth it?

This never-ending barrage of questions…

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There’s few things more painful in this world than watching a mother lose her child. That was one of my earliest memories, sitting in this small funeral home in Southern Texas. I had no understanding of why I was there, let alone the fact that everyone around me was deep…

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Everyday I wake up tired from racism. I wake up each day worried about the well-being of my friends and loved ones. Opening my eyes to a world that will always render a forfeit over the lives of my people.

It’s too damn much.

A little blue ball floating in…

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Trans bathroom bills. Trans kids in sports. Trans murders. Trans health. Trans people in general. Everywhere you look, it can feel as if this particular subset of the population is under attack. …

Joseph Coco

Big haired #Leo who writes about existing as a Queer POC in America. Louisiana Creole. New Orleans. I’m the dramatic southern belle your parents love!

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