What I don't get is, the MCU has been the yt guy (and one Asian American in Scar-Jo) show for years now, wayyyy too long if you ask me. I'm kind of meh about the queer representation since that too feels like it's taken too long (still a lil happy though) but of course it's become a culture-war flashpoint for people with nothing better to do. I'm tired of my existence being nothing more than a match to ignite the fury of forever-mad do-nothings.

You beat me to the punch as the paragraph before this has me thinking that for those who wield the ability to oppress, identities shine a light on their behaviors. As you detailed in your piece, identities allow for us to better parse out the conditions people live in and their experiences. If "fat" is such a bad word, how did it get to be so? If people had to develop new terms like "Thick" or "Curvy," that means that non-fat people created conditions so harrowing it forced people to try and shake off an identity.

Why are any of us oppressed in the first place?

Edit: I read further and you said the same thing I said, whoopsy, either way thank you for writing!

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The first bout of grief many queer and trans people experience is the one where…

Our Youth is Stolen from Us

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Joseph Coco

Big haired #Leo who writes about existing as a Queer POC in America. Louisiana Creole. New Orleans. I’m the dramatic southern belle your parents love!

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