Photo by Andre A. Xavier on Unsplash

I’m trying so hard to believe there’s enough love in the world.
For both of us.
I grit my teeth and silently wish I was magic.
Able to slip in and out of this reality.
Into another where rejection was someone I barley knew.
A brunette passing me by in the night.
Blurred movements as I rush to the show.
Those tickets were so damn expensive.
It’ll be so much fun to experience this with you though.
Moon and stars hanging over us.
Dressed to the nines.
We’ll retreat to my place after it’s over.
Watch a movie and share our smiles.
Intimate images flicker through my mind.
In and out they go.
Frequent and vivid.
I wish they’d coalesce into a bridge.
Shimmering under the twilight hour.
Letting me walk across and away.
From this world where I wasn’t good enough.
Deficient and unwanted.
I’ll probably never know exactly why you said no.
But I know I have control over my feet.
As long as this bridge keeps forming.
I can someday make it to the world in my dreams.
The one where I was finally good enough.
The sun finally able to set on my isolation.

Aspiring Fantasy author. The more we lean into our complicated lives, the better the stories.

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