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LGBT Recipes

Who says oppression can’t be tasty?

Now we need
One cup of fear
I sometimes can’t stand being queer
Back-room mingling
Secret deals
I hate society
This anger sears
Across my arms
Flayed skin
Back to cooking
Where to begin

A sprinkle of doubt
Over the pie
Added flavor
Dress up the lie
We’re doing great
Really swell
Warped self image
Can’t even tell
Battered bodies
Abusive love
Toss in some strawberries
Just because

Another step
Salt to taste
Forgotten convos
About race
Checking the box
Of all I am
Please the census
Uncle Sam
My goodness friends
This food slams
But don’t forget
To add the jam

Butter blocks
Liquid please
Microwave melted
So much ease
Now place it in
My cute bowl
Add more sugar
Do as your told
Fall in line
Fit the mold

Now cinnamon
Focus on men
Without them
We couldn't win
Our sacred rights
To live and love
Everyone else
Just eat and shrug

Preheat the oven
Turn up the heat
This dessert soon
Will be complete
Over the rainbow
Over the sky
Perhaps under
If you try
To see past corporate
Vodka floats
Understand what so many know
Sugar can’t heal
Decades of pain
We should look up
Before the rain.

Aspiring Fantasy author. The more we lean into our complicated lives, the better the stories.

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