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They say seeing is believing
So why is it when I look in the mirror
I can’t find anything worthy about that person
Eye contact
Held direct
Yet from my mouth
Vomits regret
Down my chest
Onto the floor
I can’t do this anymore

This spell of hatred
Bloody red fungus
Overtaking everything
When was the last time
Someone existed in this room
Someone real
Someone who wanted to be
A living thing
Corpse flies chorus
Watch them sing

I can’t get up
Over that hill
To unload this baggage
Let it spill
Down to the valley
A violent push
In my left hand
I try to crush
This feeble heart
Couldn't fit the bill
Next time I know
That I will
Be better than this
A stronger soul
Breaking molds
I hate myself
No amount of gold
Will increase my value
So I’ve been told

Etched to my nails
My ears
My eyes
To the tears that spill
When I cry
Out for help
All alone
The world a teacher
She has shown
Callous treatment
What I should seek
Anxiety ridden
Way too meek
Two-step towards progress
Improve my health
I’d rather vanish
Resume my stealth.

Aspiring Fantasy author. The more we lean into our complicated lives, the better the stories.

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