Postcard from 1992

A poem on motherly love.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Hi mom
I just want to lament
All the time we’ve lost
I’m certain you understand
How much it cost
For me to forsake home
History and blood
I pushed so much away
Bloody knuckles that shoved
Your loving dreams
Ideas as big as my hair
I ran away
My god I was scared
Of failing my parents
Maybe the extended family too
But now there’s not much
I wouldn’t do
To make you feel proud
Of the adult I’ve become
I know I need work
Still I must run
Til atrophied muscles
Strand me roadside
I remain in the light
I know I can’t hide
From the hopes you etched
Into my skin
This ancestral power
Brewing within
Need be twice as good
To get half as much
But I know this is certain
You taught me as such
There’s brilliance in believing
You can shine in this world
To cast out the pages
Let them unfurl
Onto blackened asphalt
On the ocean waves
Carried forever
Until the end of our days
I love you mom
I wish you could see
In my broken eyes
You’re the world to me.

Aspiring Fantasy author. The more we lean into our complicated lives, the better the stories.

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