Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

The Sins of Your Father

I’m sure you know
This point in time
You don’t have to carry them
That weight
Those crimes

Draped over your shoulders
Like jet black hair
The fist of your father
His soulless stare

What happened that night
After that cloudy day
Was not your fault
Or so they would say
Held close to your chest
The darkness you saw
It froze up your heart
Refusing to thaw

Hardened to affection
To love and be kind
Now like your father
Watch time rewind
You carry this anger
Casted in gold
Across your knuckles
The world you’ll show
What it’s like to feel hurt
Strangle others with pain
Only the strong will stand
No one else remains.

Aspiring Fantasy author. The more we lean into our complicated lives, the better the stories.

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