Yes!! Another huge issue with the idea of "male socialization" or "Having male privilege" is that 1) Privilege is an incredibly dynamic things that can be given,revoked, warped at any moment for just about anyone. With "Male socialization" what does that even mean when you get into the nitty gritty of it? White male? Gay male? Effiminate male? Poor male? There's an inifinite number of ways for someone to be a male in the first place, and weaponizing the blanket statement of "male socialization" towards Trans women throws so many people under the bus.

My "male socialization" was essentially that I could never amount to anything in the eyes of masculinity, being degendered/gendered along multiple intersecting identities my entire life. I realize now that that "male socialization" I experienced was essentially me having genderfluidity pushed onto me without my consent. I never had a grip on my own gender or gender identity because the public saught to claim constant ownership over that very thing. This mirrors what so many trans folks deal with in my eyes, the PUBLIC claiming OWNERSHIP over our EXPERIENCES and dictacting what public goods(i.e. privilege) we may or may not have owned in that time. All the while gaslighting us for things that they forced onto us in the first place, the ultimate "Why are you hitting yourself?"

Thank you for writing this piece, I know this comment is damn near a year late, but I appreciate it all the same.